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Chapter 13


We stood there silent for a moment. Anger was rolling off of me in waves while he just stood there and stared at me. His eyes were studying my face and trailing down my body with hunger. It would have made any other girl uncomfortable.

“What the fuck?” I exclaimed, ”You know you’re only supposed to come through when I call you. Obviously, I haven’t done that so what are you doing here?”  He seemed to snap out of his daze of reminiscing and looked me in the eyes.

“I miss you girl.” He stated. His tone was monotone. He was beginning to creep me out.

“Well, it be like that sometimes. You need to leave. I have a man now.” He cocked his head to the side and looked at me calmly which was the exact opposite of his tone.

“A man? We were supposed to be together Kaimoni.” My eyes squinted as I looked at him with my mouth hanging open.

“What? No. You were just a fuck…” I was going to go on, but the look on his face was scaring the shit outta me and I tried my best not to show it. “You need to leave Christian. Now.” He continued to look at me then abruptly turned around and left. My face was scrunched up in pure confusion as to what just happened. I made sure to lock the door then went back to my room. Olivia’s dumb ass was still on the phone and singing random shit.

“Olivia. Tell me why the weirdest shit just happened?” I pulled the phone off the charger and walked into the living room with my phone and laptop. “Christian just came over here looking mad crazy. He looked mental. I was actually scared for a minute there and you know how I am.”

“Chrissy the flow?”

“Yes! He was like,’We were supposed to be together Kaimoni’, but his voice was monotone the whole time. That nigga is so creepy. This has been one weird ass weekend.”

“Eweh.. I know right? I’m just glad that Ayron got there soon after I called him because it could have definitely been worse for you..” I heard people talking in the background and cars, ”hey listen, I’m walking somewhere. I’ll call you back later okay?”

“Yeah. Bye love.” We both hung up at the same time and I tossed my phone onto the other cushion on the couch. I was really nervous about starting my new job tomorrow. I have a class in the morning, the new job at 3, then a class at night. This was going to be a rough ass semester. I knew I wanted to be a lawyer, but I’m just so damn lazy and being someone’s bitch for the next 3 months doesn’t sound too great. Lowe’s law firm was a really big one here, but I’m just.. so lazy. I said and pulled up the website trying to get a feel for what was ahead of me. I had 2 “business” skirts, 1 blouse, and one pair of dress pants. I really needed to go shopping if I wanted to work there. I shot Ayron a text telling him that we were going shopping.

Me: Baby cakes, I need new clothes for my new job.

Ayron: Go buy some then.

Me: No. I want you to come with me and pay for it. (:

Ayron: …….

Me: lmfao, I love you! Pick me up tomorrow at 12.

Ayron: Aiight.

God, he was such an asshole. I know I should tell him about Christian, but I just don’t want to hear him go on and on about killing him and shit. That boy was so over dramatic.

I looked through the pages of the website and made sure I knew exactly where it was. I sighed and closed my eyes relaxing my body for the first time that day. Life fucking sucks. I must have stayed in that position for 20 minutes before I remembered I had reading to do for school the next day.



The streets were busy today as I walked to his apartment. It was a nice day though. The sun was shining brightly and it was so warm. My arms swung lightly beside me as I walked with a big smile on my face. I was so happy. We were finally going to make it official. A flower booth caught my eyes and I stopped to look through the flowers. One in particular, a deep shade of blue, drew me in. It was beautiful and smelled wonderful. I brought my face closer to it and inhaled it’s amazing scent, closing my eyes automatically. The shop owner must have been watching me because he walked to me and began to speak.

“You know, where I come from men give this flower as a symbol of affection.” I nodded and smiled, as I took a step back from the booth. I bumped into someone and whirled around quickly, startled. I was staring at a gorgeous man. He was so damn sexy. You could see his muscles defined under his V-neck shirt. His skin was a dark shade and looked so smooth. I wanted to touch it. I found myself biting on my bottom lip as I studied his body.

“I’m sorry.” I mumbled as I took a step back still facing him. He smirked noticing how my eyes trailed over his body.

“It’s good ma, my fault.” He licked his lips and reached behind me picking up the flower.

“Excuse me. Can I buy this for this beautiful lady right here?” I was startled. He must have been watching me. I smirked and moved out of his way as he paid the owner and handed me the flower.

“Why thank you mister.” I smiled and sniffed it.

“No problem beautiful. You can call me Michael.” It was like a smile was permanently stuck to my face. I nodded and remembered to keep my cool as I stuck the flower in my hair.

“Olivia.” I nodded with a small smile on my face and turned to walk away,”It was nice meeting you.”

“Wait!” He shouted after me. I stopped walking and suppressed the smile forming on my lips as I turned around.


“I was wondering if you wanted to get some coffee?”

“Maybe some other time.” I said with a smile as I walked away.

I got to his place about 10 minutes later in a ridiculously good mood.  I knocked on his door twice before he opened it.

“Hey bae.” He said as he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me into his apartment. My arms locked around his neck and our lips found each other. He kissed me soft and tenderly. Stopping the kiss, I smiled against his lips and dropped my arms, disentangling myself from him. “Babe. I’m so excited! I’m tired of keeping us a secret.” He had been moving around the room and stopped to look back at me.

“I don’t know how Kai will take it. I’m not sure if we should tell her.” Why would he say something like that to me when I was in such a good mood?

“Don’t even start with that Drew. We’ve all been friends for a long time and it’s fucked up to not tell her. “ He nodded and walked into the kitchen. I followed behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist. “It’s going to be fine babe.” I dropped my arms and squeezed his ass hard, causing him to jump, then tried to run away. He turned around and picked me up, holding me up in the air. I was laughing hysterically and kicking my legs. “Put me down!” He laughed and set me down on the counter and stood in between my legs to kiss me. The kiss was hard and passionate unlike how he kissed me moments before. Our hands were exploring each other’s body. His hands slid down my back and pulled me closer to him. I giggled as he whispered in my ear.

“You seem kinda tense babe. Lemme take care of that for you.”
“Aowww! Drew boo tryna get freaky on the counter?”

“Yes.” He replied, his voice husky with lust as he kissed me again.


I leaned back in my chair at the warehouse. Niggas were late on my delivery and everybody knows I don’t fuck with my money. Tyga came up to me asking about a couple shipments, but I was too tired to really care and I sent him off. I missed Kai. I think I might do something nice for her tonight. I called Bow over to me and asked him for a favor.

“Ay, can I stay at that one crib tonight by the beach?”

“Yeah, aiight g.” He nodded his head once and turned to walk away.
“And could you have someone go there and make it look romantic and shit. I’m trying to do something nice for kai, but you know I’m not good with that lovey dovey shit. “ He chuckled and nodded his head.

“Aiight g, there’s an extra key under the lamp thing outside the door.”
“Aiight, thanks.” I took a deep breath and put my hands behind my head, closing my eyes. Julian. I haven’t thought of that nigga in the longest minute. It’s been years since I last saw him and shit didn’t end too well. My jaw automatically flexed and tightened as I thought about the last time I’d seen him. I knew that if we ever saw each other again things would pop off.  That dream came from nowhere, but I had a feeling something bad was going to happen, and soon. I grabbed my phone and scrolled through my contacts looking for Flower Bomb

Me: Be ready at 8. Wear something sexy.

Flower Bomb: Aowwww! A dress or like jeans?

Me: I don’t care, just look good for ya man.

Flower Bomb: lol. Okay babe.

I got up from the chair and dapped my niggas up as I announced that I’d be leaving.

“Bow. The place ready?” He nodded in response and dapped me up.


“Where are we going?” She asked me for the tenth time since we got in the car. Kaimoni looked amazing. She wore this tight tan dress that hugged all of her curves. Her hair was curled back and fell down her back. Her makeup was flawless even though she really didn’t need it. I could stare at her all day long. I reached over and took her hand in mine, lacing our fingers.

“You’ll find out when we get there babe.” She sighed heavily and leaned her head against the window.

“Was the blindfold really necessary?”

“Yup.” Another heavy sigh. The ride was quiet, but peaceful. After about 30 minutes of driving we finally got to the little cottage on the beach. I got out the car and opened the door for her, helping her out. We walked hand in hand down towards the door. Once her heels hit the sand she wobbled and almost fell, but I caught her.

“Fap. Fap.” I said, imitating Kevin Hart as I laughed. She hit my chest playfully as we walked to the door.

“Why are we on a beach Ayron?” She said annoyed.

“Just let it happen.” I dropped her hand and pulled the key out of hiding, then opened the door for her. She took two steps in before asking her next question.

“Can I take this off now?”

“Yeah. Hold on.” I walked around her and made sure everything was good. There were candles lit everywhere and you could see the moonlight shining through the windows. The food was on the table covered and a bottle of champagne was in the ice, chilling. Bow was my nigga for this. I owed him. I walked back to her and took the blindfold off her eyes. I watched as she took in everything. A small smiled formed on her lips as she saw the candles lighting the room. She walked further into the room and looked at the table.

“All this for me?” She said looking at me with the biggest smile on her face. I just nodded in response. She walked to me and wrapped her arms around my neck kissing me softly. “I love you Ayron Brown.”

“I love you too Flower Bomb.” I said smiling. Seeing her happy, made me happy. “Now let’s go eat. I have no idea what’s under those covers, but let’s hope it’s good.” She laughed and shook her head, making her way to the table. I pulled out her seat for her then walked around to the other side once she was seated. We uncovered the plates at the same time to see a plate of white lasagna.

“Mmm, my favorite.” She said before digging in. One thing I loved about her was that she wasn’t afraid to be herself. She ate like there was no one around and I loved it. We were eating and having good conversation when my phone rang. She looked at me giving me a look that said ‘you better not pick up that phone’ so I didn’t. It rang and rang until it went to voicemail. I had just popped the bottle of champagne when my phone rang for the second time. I rolled my eyes and picked it up.

“What?” I answered irritably. “What?” I said with more concern at what I’d just heard. “Fuck… okay…. I’m coming.” I stood up abruptly trying to avoid Kai’s face.

“What the hell?”

“We have to go babe. I’m in some shit right now. Let’s go.” She stood up and walked out the door to the car. I knew she was pissed but the warehouse was on fire at the moment with all my money and the product I’m supposed to be selling. This was bad. This was really bad. I locked the door and got in the car, speeding to warehouse. 

Chapter 12


“You don’t treat me right!” She yelled slapping me across my face. My mouth fell open and saliva flooded my mouth as I got angry.

“Fuck you mean I ain’t treat your right? I’m always here for you when you need me, I love you, I take care of you!” I grabbed her by her shoulders and stared her deep in the eyes. She didn’t even falter at all. She shrugged my arms off her and turned around to walk away, ”You ain’t shit. I fucking hate you.” With that she walked away from me. It felt as if my heart was breaking. The only female I’d truly cared for just broke my heart and walked away. All of a sudden I was back at her crib and saw her kissing up on some random nigga. I tried to hit him, but it felt like my arms were dead weight. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t hit him. I couldn’t see ole dude’s face because he was kissing Kaimoni the whole time. I pulled him up off her and both of them looked at me like I was crazy. She stood up and shouted at me to get out, but I wasn’t paying attention. I was gonna kill that nigga. I turned around to face him. He had a low fade, nice white teeth, and brown eyes. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Julian.

I woke up sweating and my heart was going a mile a minute. I sat up, wiping the sweat off my face and looked over at Kai’s peaceful face sleeping. Her mouth hung open, getting drool all over my pillow and she snored. Despite the gross habits she looked so cute. I brushed the hair out of her face and kissed her forehead before getting up to use the bathroom. Looking in the mirror, I didn’t even recognize who was standing there. This guy wasn’t me, his mind was gone. He looked angry, hard set lines covered his face. I shook the thoughts out of my head, washed my face, and went downstairs to cook breakfast for Kai.

The only thing I had at this crib was cereal, a box of macaroni, and eggs. I figured she’d like the eggs best so I pulled the box out of the fridge and began to cook.  I’d just finished the eggs and began buttering the bread when I heard her yell. I dropped the knife and ran up the stairs to the room she was staying in. When I got in there she looked pissed.

“What’s wrong?!” I half shouted at her.

“I started my fucking period.” She mumbled as she got up. “I got all the sheets dirty, I don’t have a change of clothes, and I need a fucking pad.” She looked up at me as I made a face at the dirty sheets. It was silent a moment before I nodded slightly.

“Don’t worry babe. We can just wash the sheets and I’ll take you home today if you want.” I looked up at her and walked over to her slowly, seeing she was still angry. I pulled her into a hug and she sighed, looking up at me.

“Okay… do you have Advil?” I nodded and took her by the hand, leading her downstairs to the kitchen. Her eyes lit up with surprise when she saw that I cooked. I let go of her hand and smirked as she inhaled the scent of the food. She nodded appreciatively and smiled, taking a seat on the counter. “I didn’t know you could cook. Every minute it becomes clearer to me that you aren’t a hood nigga.” She said chuckling. I made a face at her and pulled the bottle of Advil out of the cabinet nearest to the stove, tossing it over to her. I finished buttering the toast and put two pieces in a plate and some eggs. She grabbed the fork and devoured the plate of food in minutes. I sat there watching her with my eyes wide. She looked up at me and giggled, wiping off her mouth. “Sorry bae.” I just shook my head, laughing, and kept eating. Just as I went to take another bite there was loud banging at the door. Kai looked at me with an eyebrow raised. This was my get away crib and no one knew where it was except for Bow and Tyga. Those niggas ain’t crazy enough to bang on my door like that though. I got up and pulled my gun out of a kitchen drawer. Kai looked at me crazy.

“Do you really think that if they wanted to kill you they would knock?” She said sarcastically. I rolled my eyes and tucked the gun in my jeans. I opened the door cautiously and Zhina’s loud ass came barging in the door.

“I told you I was going out today! I need you to watch her for a couple of days boo.” I looked her up and down mugging her while Kaya’s head bobbed all over the place. I took my daughter from her and the bag just as Kai decided to get curious and come over to where we were. I watched as her mouth fell open at the site of us two.

“Oh hellll no.” She said, looking Zhina up and down. “Fuck is she doing here?”

“Oh so this is your new flow?” Zhina asked, chuckling as she looked Kai up and down. I was beyond annoyed at this point. “What a busted bitch. Going for my sloppy seconds I see.”

“No. She’s my girlfriend and you’re my baby momma. How the hell did you know where I was? Get the fuck out.” I said through gritted teeth. She smirked and shrugged.

“Who the hell you callin’ busted? Bitch have you seen your face lately? Fuck outta here before I rearrange that shit.” Kai said, taking an involuntary step towards Zhina. She was fuming and you could see it.”

“Aiight. See you later boo.” She blew me a kiss at me and turned to leave. I noticed she didn’t tell me how she found out I was here. Kai’s face was priceless. It looked like she was thinking of the perfect way to kill her.  Kaya was staring at Kaimoni and smiled, before giggling. It seemed she already liked her. I kissed her cheek and walked back into the kitchen to make sure she was okay.


This was way too much. This whole weekend.. wayyy too much. I was tired and cramping and pissed off. After not talking to Ayron for weeks and finally having some time to ourselves, she had to come and ruin it! I just can’t. I shook my head, getting rid of my thoughts as my stomach grumbled. I walked back into the kitchen to get more food when I saw Ayron in his little world with Kaya. She was adorable. She was light skinned, had curly hair, Chris’s smile and eyes, and Zhina’s nose. Kaya was absolutely positively gorgeous, how could I resent her? It wasn’t her fault that her mommy is a hoe. I walked over to them and held my arms out.

“Can I hold her?” He gently put her in my arms. I bounced her back and forth a smile forming on both of our faces. She let out a shrill of giggles, her eyes dancing with amusement. “Who’s the prettiest baby I know? You are!” I said in a baby voice, smiling down at her. I stopped bouncing her and rocked her back and forth. ”I’m Kaimoni your daddy’s girlfriend.” I said, still smiling. I felt Ayron wrap his arms around my waist and rest his chin on my shoulder.

“My two favorite woman in the world here in my arms.” He kissed my neck on my spot. I giggled and shook my head.

“Now you know that isn’t right. Your daughter is in my arms.” He just smirked and kissed it again. Kaya reached her arms out towards his face and slurred the word dada. He smiled and kissed her forehead. She giggled and smiled at him.


Home sweet home. I’ve never been so happy to be in my apartment. I went into my room and quickly grabbed my towel to go shower. Being with Ayron and Kaya was great, but I had to get back to reality. I put my phone on the charger and got in the shower. The hot water felt amazing as it ran down my dirty skin. It burned my skin, but it was a nice burn. It made me feel like I was still alive.

“Fuck.” I mumbled to myself as I got out of bed. I woke up a half hour late and he’d be home soon. I quickly got to shower, the only escape from the hell I lived in. In the bathroom I peeled off my clothes and stared at myself in the mirror. You could see old and new bruises all over my body. One in particular on my hip was definitely noticeable. It was his whole handprint and it hurt like hell. I poked it and felt a burning sensation travel up my body. I winced in pain and turned on the hot water in the shower, letting it warm up. I ran my hair through my stringy brown hair and thought to myself how ugly I was. I don’t know what it was that I had done as a child to deserve this, but it must have been really bad. I felt like scum. Getting lost in my thoughts I didn’t realize that the water was hot or that he had gotten home. I stepped into the shower and let the water burn my skin. It made me feel alive.. made me wish I was dead. I closed my eyes and turned so the water could run down my back. I grabbed my loofa and was lathering it with soap when the bathroom door opened. He walked in smiling and pulled the shower curtain back.

“You already got the shower ready for daddy?” The monster wasn’t even drunk this time. I shook my head no once and tried to close the curtain but he just pulled it right back. “Don’t matter. I’m still coming in.” I shook my head no at him, a mixture between anger and fear showing in my eyes. He began to undress and I turned off the water, trying to get out before he was done, but he was faster than me and grabbed my towel. I had one foot out of the shower and was covering my chest with my arms. He chuckled and grabbed my ass, pulling me towards him. He whispered in my ear. ”Nothing I ain’t seen before baby.” He reached behind me and turned the water back on, pushing me back into the shower. I screamed and cried, begging for him to leave me alone. He went on with touching and groping me as if he hadn’t heard a thing. He pushed me up against the wall and fucked me hard and without any mercy. When he was done he shut off the water and got out the shower while his cum ran down out of me and down my leg. That’s how my baby boy was conceived.

I looked down at the tattoo on my hip that said,” Maybe life chose me after all.” With my mood, being severely killed by my thoughts, I quickly ended my shower and walked out the bathroom. I wrapped the towel around my wet hair and went into my room to change into tights and a shirt. I looked over at my phone and saw that I had 4 missed calls from Olivia, 2 from Drew, and 1 from a random number. I didn’t even recognize the area code. Taking, the phone off the charger, I called Olivia and put it on speaker as I dressed.

“Girl where the fuck have you been! I’ve been so worried about you! Are you okay? Are you home? Have you talked to Drew? What happened at the club?” She flung questions at me every two seconds. I took a deep breath and explained to her all the shit that went down over the past few days.

“… and no I just charged my phone. You were the first person I called. Wassup with Drew?”

“Mm, nothing.” She said all too quickly. I was about to ask her wassup when there was knocking at my door. They were banging on the door like I owed them money.

“Oh hell no. Hold on hoe.” I walked out my room and through the living room to the door. I swung the door open before looking through the peephole. “What the he-“ That was all I got through before he grabbed my face and kissed me hard. I was too in shock to do anything at first, but when I realized what was happening I shoved him off with all my strength. “What the hell?!” I exclaimed, finishing my previous statement. He just stood there with his hands in his pockets, wearing that dumb nigga pose.

Chapter 10


I felt heavy and weak. My chest felt like it was being pressed down a ton of weights. I swallowed hard, trying to bring myself back to reality. I tried with all of my might to open my eyes. Tired from my effort, I moved my head drifting back to sleep when I felt a warm hand rest on my arm. I suddenly remembered how fucked up I was after the bartender gave me the drink. He must have put some shit in there because I’ve never been so messed up before in my life. I kissed some guy and he must have taken me home. I couldn’t even remember his face. I was really starting to freak out. What if he had raped me? I can’t go through that again. I could feel my heart beating faster as I broke out into a cold sweat from panicking. The arm was now shaking me, but I passed out again.

This time, I woke up to a dark room. My throat was dry as hell and my chest ached. I noticed I was under a thick blanket on a bed. I swung my legs over the edge of the bed to get the hell out of there. I was only wearing panties and an oversized shirt. Oh my God. What if I had been raped again? The panick was coming back to me full throttle. I used all of my energy to heave myself off the bed. In the eerie silence of wherever I was it made a loud noise. I winced hoping that no one had heard that. I looked around the oddly clean room for my stuff. I walked over to the dresser to see my clutch resting on it. The room was so clean I couldn’t even tell if a guy or girl lived there. I quickly open my purse and grabbed my phone to call Olivia and see if she was okay. I pressed a button and nothing happened. I clicked fervently trying to make it light up. My phone was dead.

“Fuck..” I mumbled to myself as my breathing hitched up in tempo. I was really freaking out. Where the fuck am I and how the hell do I get home? I looked around the room again and saw no phone or my clothes. I grabbed my shoes and bag and tiptoed out of the room. The room led out into a long hallway with 5 doors that had locks on them that could only be opened my a key. Thank God mine was unlocked. I could hear a tv coming from down the stairs. There were two guys conversing loudly by the tv. I took a deep breath and peeked over the edge of the stairs down to where the noise was coming from. I saw a skinny light skinned nigga with tats and another dude that was short with green eyes. They didn’t look like trouble, but you never know nowadays. They were passing a blunt and laughing while watching Regular Time.

“Stfu lil nigga before I stomp you down closer to the ground.” The skinny nigga said, laughing and cheesing like an idiot.

“ Yeah that’s why you look like you haven’t eaten in years, lightweight.” The other one said, hitting the skinny on upside the head. I rolled my eyes at their blatant stupidity and crept down the stairs as slowly and silently as I could towards the back door that was just in sight. Once I got to the bottom of the staircase I let out the breath that I didn’t realize I was holding slowly. Without taking my eyes off of them I tiptoed to the door. Like a dumbass I dropped my shoe and then went on to trip over it. My eyes went flailing and I yelled out as I tried to regain my balance.

“D’fuck?” They both shouted and looked up at me. My eyes grew wide and I shot up, running towards the door. “Man go get her ass!” The short one yelled at lightweight. I swung the door open and squinted at the bright sun as I attempted to run down the sidewalk. I had no idea where the fuck I was going, but that wasn’t going to stop me. My chest ached as I pushed myself to run, not something I usually did. Lightweight was fast as hell and caught up to me in a minute. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me back towards. I started to scream really loud. That was when I noticed it was a nice ass neighborhood and that most likely no one would come help me. Why the hell would a kidnapper live in a nice ass neighborhood like this?

“Stop!” I shouted, hitting him with the heel of my shoes. He wouldn’t let go and kept telling me to stop moving. Fuck that! He grabbed me from behind so I used some move that a defense class taught me. I pushed back on him with all my weight and used the back of my leg to kick him in the balls. He groaned out in pain and dropped me. I turned around and kicked him again before punching him in the face, grabbing my shoes and began to run again. I ran down the block and turned left seeing stores off in the distance. I could hardly breath, but I kept on going until I ran into some sandwhich shop. I was out of breath, looked a hot mess, barefoot, and tired as hell. I limped over to an empty booth in the back by a window and sat down trying to catch my breath.

A waitress came up to me concerned, ”Do you need anything hun?” I probably look like a hooker. I shook my head lightly and smiled.

“No thank you.” She walked away not quite convinced. I instantly regretted my decision because 1. I’m thirsty as hell and 2. In walked short stuff and light weight. I ducked my head, but I definitely stood out because of my attire and hair. They walked over to me and slid in the seat across from me. Lightweight looked mad as hell, probably because I got away, but I had no intentions of going back with them. I just stared and mugged them. The intensity flowed between us and the waitress came back even more concerned than before.

“Coffee?” I nodded and she poured some in my cup and put the creamer beside me. I ignored them and myself a cup of coffee as she walked away. The short one spoke first.

“You need to come back with us.” Hell to the muh’fuckin’ no.

“No.” I sipped on my coffee and looked him dead in the eyes. The skinny nigga looked at his watch then back at the short one.

“We gotta go yo. He’s gonna be back soon. You know he’s gonna be mad that she left.” The short one nodded, took a deep breath and tried for a nicer tone.

“Could you please come back with us? We won’t hurt you.” I snorted, chuckling, and rolled my eyes.

“Please. Why the hell should I trust you? I woke up in a random ass home, with no close on, with two idiots watching me. Lightweight mugged me and got up leaving me and the short one.

“We won’t. I put that on my mom’s life.” He stated simply. I looked at him searching his face for the lie. All I saw was sincerity. Call me a dumb broad, but I actually believed him. My phone was dead, I had no clothes, and no fucking idea where I was. What did I have to lose? My life.

I finished up my coffee and set the cup down looking at him. “Who’s gonna be back soon and why would he be mad I left?” I asked him, wanting to get answers. He sighed looking guilty and shook his head slightly.

“I really can’t tell you ma.” I figured as much, but it was worth a try. Sighiing, I got up and followed him out to a black Lamborghini. All the windows were tinted, but I could see lightweight in the driver’s seat. He was still mad. Oh well. My face scrunched up in confusion as I slid into the backseat of the car and shortie in the passenger seat. They took me back to the crib that I had fought so hard to get out of back to him, whoever that might be.

We were all posted in different areas of the living room when I heard keys jingling outside the front door. For the past hour I had been asking them every question I could possibly think of. They were beyond annoyed with me, but if I had to be there, they had to put up with me. I repeatedly asked for names, but they would just pretend like they hadn’t heard me. I looked up, hugging the pillow closer to me, my captors sighed deeply with relieve. I wasn’t that bad, just curious. Lightweight got up to dap whoever was at the door and tell him how much of a pain I was. I sat up, alert, waiting for whatever bad was coming. He walked in and chuckled with much humor at how my face went through all the emotions I was feeling at the moment. My mouth hung open as he walked towards me.